Colorado Shooting Suspect To Make First Court Appearance.

James Holmes, 24 years-old, is scheduled to make his first court appearance today after he opened fire on a crowd in a packed Aurora, Colorado movie theatre last week. 

Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in the shooting, wherein he used a semi-automatic assault weapon capable of firing dozens of rapid fire bullets in less than a minute. Apparently, the assault weapon was purchased by Holmes online, where many American consumers can purchase some of the tools of modern warfare as if they were buying a kitchen appliance. 

Reports indicate that the assault weapon may have jammed while it was being fired by Holmes, or even more innocent civilians would have likely been injured or killed.

Local Colorado authorities have also discovered that Holmes rigged his apartment with booby-traps before leaving for the shooting. A Colorado public defender has been assigned to Holmes’s case.

At least 17 of the injured shooting victims remain in the hospital, and 8 are in critical condition.

President Obama met with survivors and the families of the wrongful death victims on Sunday.

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