California Gynecologist Accused Of Surgery Mistakes.

A California gynecologist may lose his medical license after he was accused of gross negligence relating to two surgeries. 

In one surgery, Dr. Aram Bonni was operating on a woman’s vaginal hernia.  He allegedly removed a cyst that he found during the operation without first discussing the procedure with the patient or the patient’s family.  In order to remove the cyst, Bonni cut into the patient’s intestine, which caused the woman to have to undergo another surgery.

Linda Whitney, the executive director of the Medical Board of California, has stated that Bonni was grossly negligent in not finding the cyst prior to the woman’s procedure and in failing to properly communicate with the patient.

In a second surgery, Bonni accidentally cut a vein, which caused a patient to lose four pints of blood.  Another surgeon had to come in and stop the bleeding.

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