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Massachusetts wrongful death cases fall within the parameters of the Massachusetts wrongful death statute, which applies to any person who:

  1. Negligently causes another individual’s death,

  2. Willfully, wantonly, or recklessly causes another person’s death,

  3. Operates a common carrier (buses, trains, planes, etc.), and negligently causes another person’s death during that operation,

  4. Operates a common carrier, and willfully, wantonly, or recklessly causes person’s death, or

  5. Breaches a warranty of sale that results in another person’s death.

For 2) or 4) to apply, it must be shown that the decedent (the individual who died) would have been permitted under Massachusetts law to recover personal injury damages had he or she lived and not been killed. Employers whose employees die do not fall under the terms of this statute.

Railroad operators on whose tracks somebody was struck and killed are alone not covered.

A wrongful death claim can involve significant money damages, often many millions of dollars, for any of the following items of damage:

In addition, a wrongful death defendant will also be responsible for money damages to compensate for any conscious pain and suffering that the decedent suffered. You can only recover these damages, however, if you can show some corroborating evidence that the decedent consciously experienced pain and suffering prior to his or her death.

Wrongful death damages are often some of the largest damage awards. In fact, many wrongful death cases result in money damages in the millions of dollars.

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