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As all-terrain vehicles continue to soar in popularity, so too does the incidence of Massachusetts accidents and Massachusetts deaths involving Massachusetts ATVs. Because of their inherently unstable design, these vehicles, which sometimes weigh more than 700 pounds, easily tip over or even roll. Add to this the frequent use of ATVs on uneven surfaces and the vehicles’ high performance engines, capable of speeds topping 60 mph, and you can see why the numbers of Massachusetts ATV-related fatalities and Massachusetts injuries continue to grow.

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There is little regulation or oversight of the ATV industry. Instead, safety is left to a patchwork of state laws. In spite of this weak regulatory environment, several Massachusetts ATV-related recalls have been made for such dangers as failures of the brakes, steering system and suspension; inability to control speed; fire hazards; and other design flaws.

You were injured in a Massachusetts ATV Accident—Now What?

Contact a medical professional:

A medical professional can help you determine the extent of your injuries. Frequently, smaller, minor injuries can result in more serious injuries in the future. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you have been injured in an ATV accident.

Collect the necessary information:

After you have been involved in a Massachusetts ATV accident, it is important to gather the necessary information that may be vital to your claim. You should collect the personal information of all of the parties involved in the accident, including full names, telephone numbers and insurance information of each individual. In addition, information about the ATV itself is important, including the make and model. Also, the precise location, along with the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident is paramount to a successful handling of your Massachusetts ATV accident case.

Contact an experienced and highly skilled Massachusetts ATV accident attorney:

Speak with one of our expert ATV accident lawyers before attempting to negotiate with any insurance company. Attempting to negotiate without consulting an expert Boston, MA attorney beforehand may make it much harder to settle your claim in the future. Furthermore, for ATV accident cases, a statute of limitations, namely a time deadline, for filing your case exists. Waiting longer than necessary to contact an attorney may result in a barred claim, regardless of the merits of your case.

A Massachusetts ATV accident includes any accident involving a Massachusetts ATV that results in injury, property damage or wrongful death. More often than not, Massachusetts ATV accidents are caused by the negligence of one or more drivers. Victims of Massachusetts ATV accidents must prove the negligence of the other party in order to be eligible for financial compensation. This means that the injured party must prove that the Massachusetts ATV accident caused an injury, and that, but for someone else’s carelessness, the injury would not have occurred. In Massachusetts cases, where it is proven that there is more than one party at fault, liability may be distributed among all negligent parties based on their percentage of fault. Knowing how to effectively prove negligence may be a daunting task, but our highly experienced Massachusetts ATV accident lawyers are here to help you. The skilled team of Boston ATV crash lawyers at the Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates know the necessary steps to take to prepare an effective legal strategy to prove negligence and obtain compensation for you and your loved ones.

Many factors contribute to Massachusetts ATV accidents and generally fall into two categories: operator mistakes and equipment failure. Examples of Massachusetts operator mistakes include: driving without proper training, driving under the influence, and driving on public roads and hauling cargo against manufacturer’s recommendations. Negligent Massachusetts ATV operators may be liable to injured Massachusetts ATV accident victims if it was their negligent conduct which caused the injury. Massachusetts ATV accidents caused by equipment failure may involve the tires, throttles, brakes, lighting equipment, suspension and steering mechanisms. A defective helmet is a design flaw, and is also considered to be equipment failure.

3-Wheeler ATVs

When ATVs were first manufactured, they were originally designed with three wheels for enhanced speed and maneuverability; however, these enhanced features came at the cost of stability and safety. In response to the large number of injuries resulting from these types of ATVs, the federal government filed suit against the manufacturers in the late 1980s. As a result, manufacturers agreed to cease production of three-wheeled ATVs in 1987, but the roughly 2.4 million 3-wheeler ATVs that were already in use were not recalled. Many of these dangerous vehicles are still in use today, and injuries caused by them continue to occur.

4-Wheeler ATVs

4-Wheeler ATVs continue to be the most popular type of ATV in use today. The enhanced speed and maneuverability of these vehicles sometimes tempts their users to take unnecessary risks, which may result in traumatic injuries to themselves, their passengers or fellow riders. Defects in the design and manufacturing process may also be the cause of ATV accident related injuries, which can result in permanent, devastating consequences.

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes offer the same pleasures of a motorcycle but with the added adventure factor that off-road conditions bring. However, this added adventure also carries the increased risk for injury. Broken wrists, arms, ankles and legs make up a large majority of dirt bike accident injuries, but more serious injuries, such as head and spinal trauma, are on the rise. These injuries are most commonly caused by the negligence of other riders who fail to abide by the basic safety rules and regulations.

As a result of dangerous designs and manufacturing defects, children and adults have suffered brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations, and have even been killed in Massachusetts ATV accidents.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a Massachusetts ATV accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation for your losses. Massachusetts injured parties may be eligible to recover for their past, present and future medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering. Families of Massachusetts wrongful death victims may be eligible to recover money damages to cover funeral expenses, lost financial contributions of the decedent and loss of consortium.

If you or a loved one has been injured, or a family member has been killed in a Massachusetts ATV accident, we urge you to contact the expert Massachusetts personal injury lawyers at the Boston, Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates today. Our Boston, MA personal injury attorneys and Boston wrongful death attorneys are experienced in helping people injured or killed by dangerous ATVs. Our Massachusetts injury lawyers and Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers will seek compensation for your medical expenses, your future and other affected wages, your disability and your other related damages, as well as your pain and suffering. Contact our experienced team of Massachusetts accident injury lawyers today at (617) 787-3700 or email us We can help.

Our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers will provide you with a free initial consultation about your Massachusetts ATV accident. Our Boston ATV accident lawyers can meet with you in our office, at the hospital or in the privacy of your home.

Our Massachusetts ATV accident personal injury lawyers are proud to represent Massachusetts ATV accident personal injury clients from throughout the Commonwealth.

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The Boston, MA Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates is a team of Boston, MA lawyers from some of the best law offices in Massachusetts, including expert Massachusetts ATV accident personal injury lawyers, who have been personally selected by Attorney Hoy because of their skill, experience and expertise. Many of the Boston, MA ATV accident lawyers who are available to our Massachusetts clients through referral agreements have been repeatedly selected and recognized as among the very best accident lawyers in Massachusetts and, indeed, the country.

With an experienced group of some of the very best Massachusetts ATV accident lawyers that the Commonwealth offers, our Boston ATV accident law office is confident that our handling of your legal matter will go beyond your expectations. Our over-riding goal is to provide you or your loved one with top of the line legal service and assistance with respect to your Massachusetts ATV accident, while earning your confidence, loyalty, trust and respect. Our Boston, MA ATV accident law office would be honored and pleased to represent you or your loved one, and we would be delighted to provide you with an initial free and confidential consultation with respect to your Massachusetts ATV accident claim.

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