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Methuen, Massachusetts is a city in Essex County and home to a population of 43,800. Methuen, MA was settled in 1642 and officially incorporated in 1726. The city was named after Sir Paul Methuen, a renowned British diplomat.

The residents of Methuen, Massachusetts pride themselves on their historical roots. The Searles Tenney Nevins Historic District was established by the city in 1992 in honor of the three Methuen city fathers: David C. Nevins, Edward F. Searles and Charles H. Tenney. The trio’s visions for Methuen have been incorporated into the architecture of many places in Methuen, including houses, schools, churches, mills, mansions, playgrounds, monuments and the library. The Methuen Historic District includes properties and buildings constructed and used by the families of all three founding fathers and those who worked for them. The Methuen Historic District Commission administers the Historic District and is responsible for protecting it from any alterations that might compromise its historical integrity.

Methuen, MA is also well known for its diverse private education offerings. The City is home to the Islamic Academy for Peace, a private Islamic co-educational elementary and middle school. The academy was founded in 2001, in hopes of providing strong academics intertwined with Islamic values to enable young Muslims to become significant contributors in their communities. Methuen, MA is also the site for St. Ann’s Home and School, an institution which provides residential, private day and outpatient options for individuals with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. St. Ann’s offers education for children and adolescents with special emotional needs, as well as a therapeutic component for both students and their families. Finally,The Presentation of Mary Academy also makes its home in Methuen. Founded in 1958 as an all-girls school, the private Catholic high school is now co-educational.

Methuen, MA is home to several famous faces, including Nobel Prize laureate Elias James Corey and former Miss U.S.A., Susie Castillo.

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Our expert Methuen, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Methuen, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers are honored to represent residents of Methuen, Massachusetts and have represented many Methuen personal injury accident victims over the past 25 years. Our lawyers look forward to helping our Methuen, Massachusetts clients.

The Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates is a Massachusetts personal injury law firm, representing Methuen residents injured in accidents through no fault of their own. Our Methuen, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer specialists handle all types of Massachusetts personal injury claims.

Our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys and Massachusetts wrongful death accident lawyers understand the issues that all Methuen accident victims face, including receiving proper medical treatment and getting fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys have been helping and assisting Methuen accident victims for over 25 years. Our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing our Methuen, MA and other clients with an incomparably superior level of service. With the litigation experience, knowledge and skill of our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, combined with our unwavering devotion to our Methuen and other injured clients, our Massachusetts personal injury law firm produces consistently excellent results.

Our fee agreement with our Methuen, MA and other Massachusetts clients shows our dedication to you – we only get paid when you recover money.

Below are some of the types of Methuen, MA personal injury cases that our expert and highly skilled Massachusetts personal injury accident lawyers undertake:


Methuen, Massachusetts Auto Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Pedestrian Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Burn Injury Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Bus Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Train Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts ATV Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Product Liability and Defective Products Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Dog Bite and Animal Attack Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Food Poisoning Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Lead Poisoning Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Medication Error Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Birth Injury Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Asbestos Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Snow and Ice Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Toxic Mold Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Premises Liability Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Explosion Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Construction Site Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Aviation Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Sexual Harassment Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Personal Injury Law Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Sports Related Accident Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Negligent Security Lawyer
Methuen, Massachusetts Electrocution Accident Lawyer

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