A Leap Of Faith Averted Titanic Death For Dorchester, Massachusetts Resident.

William H. Turnquist was only 25 years-old when he jumped into the freezing ocean only minutes before the Titanic sank

Turnquist had booked passage in steerage on the Titanic after he and fellow SS New York crew members were stranded in England because of a coal strike.  The Titanic was equipped with life boats for less than half of the number of passengers, and many of the lifeboats were lowered into the ocean less than half full. 

After the Titanic struck an iceberg over 100 years ago, more than 1500 passengers and crewmembers died, and approximately 705 were rescued.  Turnquist was in the frigid ocean waters for several minutes after jumping off of the Titanic and prior being pulled aboard a life boat.  After his rescue, Turnquist visited his sister in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and then returned to a life at sea.

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