15-Foot Fence In New York City Falls And Causes Injuries To Passersby.

Strong winds in NYC caused a temporary plywood wall in front of a sushi restaurant to fall on December 2, 2013, causing injuries to several people.

Due to high winds in New York City, a plywood wall was blown down onto two women and one man.  All three were injured and taken to a local hospital.  Luckily, none of their injuries were life-threatening.

The construction company that erected the wall, Einstein Construction, has now been issued a violation order and ordered to leave the construction site in front of the sushi restaurant.

When an expert personal injury attorney based in New York was questioned about this incident, he stated that it is very fortunate that the victims were not more seriously injured.  He further stated that with the number of people constantly shuffling through New York City, this type of accident can easily happen, and constructions sites need to be created in a manner that will avoid incidents like this one.  These sites need to be safe and built with secure materials, and this plywood fence was clearly not built safely and securely.

The current condition of the accident victims is unknown.

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