Toddler Attacked by Pit Bull/Rottweiler Mix in Houston, Texas.

On August 27, 2013, a 4 year-old boy ran inside to tell his mother that his little brother was “dead.” Rushing outside, the boy’s mother witnessed every parent’s worst nightmare. Her youngest child, a 2 year-old, was lying on the ground outside covered in blood. The neighbor’s dog, a pit bull/Rottweiler mix, was standing off-leash just a few yards away, its mouth soaked in blood.

Luckily, the toddler survived the dog attack. The boy required several stitches, however, to close multiple severe lacerations that covered half of his head. The wounds extended from his cheek, and up across his forehead and scalp. He also required stitches for several bite wounds on his back.

According to the owner of the dog, Anthony Donnell Ruff of Houston, Texas, he had just let the dog outside before the attack occurred. He claims the dog always ran around the corner to use the bathroom, and would run right back. But for some reason, on this occasion, the animal made straight for the toddler instead. On this day, his 8 year-old stepson accompanied the dog outside. Both Ruff and the child insist that the dog is typically friendly and had no history of aggression.

Ruff was criminally charged with dog attack and failure to secure a dog, a felony in Texas. He was released on Tuesday morning on $5,000 bail.

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