Police Officer Sues After Being Bitten By Police Dog.

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Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend,” and for good reason. A dog can be a large and integral part of any close family, and often forms a long lasting relationship with its owners. But, dogs are still fundamentally animals, with animal instincts and tendencies. An otherwise well-mannered or trained dog may still have the capacity to harm, which is why there is a strict standard of liability on the dog’s owner to secure and monitor his or her dog.

A man who knows all-too-well what can happen to a non-secured dog is Joshua Walsh, a police officer from Durham Country, NC. Officer Walsh was responding to a routine call in early October, 2011. He was accompanied by his partner, Deputy Carson, and his canine Frisco, a Belgian Malinois. Walsh was able to catch and apprehend a fleeing suspect. But, while handcuffing him to the ground, Deputy Carson lost control of Frisco, who violently bit Walsh in the leg and calf.

The attack resulted in Officer Walsh needing to receive medical treatment for months, two of which he was incapable of working or generating an income from his second job. Besides the emotional and mental trauma stemming from the event, Walsh is suffering from a loss of sensation in his leg and is suing his department to be justly compensated.

While one would expect that a police dog would be well trained and under control, multiple dog handling experts have expressed concern in the quality and expertise of K-9 Unit trainers in North Carolina, which does not require police dogs to be certified. The Belgian Malinois has gained popularity in recent years with the police and military because of its intelligence, loyalty, and strength. The breed is comparable to a German Shepherd, and has gained notoriety for its effectiveness in Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite the intelligence and loyalty of the breed, Frisco attacked another officer, but the blame may not rest on the dog. Retired police chief and national executive director of the Springboro, Ohio-based U.S. Police Canine Association was quoted saying: “[t]here are no dog mistakes, only handler mistakes.”

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