Ikea Issues Massive Product Recall of Dressers and Chests After Causing Multiple Injuries and Fatalities.

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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal government’s watchdog agency, a child is sent to the emergency room by a falling piece of furniture or a falling television every twenty-four minutes.  Once every two weeks, one of those injuries is fatal.  To prevent this, there are strict regulations and guidelines about the design and safety of furniture and other products.  When these guidelines are not adhered to, a product has an increased likelihood for harm, and the manufacturer may be held accountable for that harm.

A recent example of this is Ikea, which just ordered a recall of nearly thirty million dressers and chests because they reportedly have a high likelihood of tipping over and injuring young children.  According to nbcnews.com, there have been three fatalities already associated with the specific line of furniture being recalled.  Ikea has recalled the models in question and offered free anchoring kits so customers can fasten the furniture to the wall.  But for some, this may be too little, too late.   The complaints and injuries over the furniture spanned a period of two years before Ikea ordered a recall.  If it can be shown that they were negligent in their design or recall of the furniture, they may be held financially responsible for the injuries caused.

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