Hip Implant Manufacturer Settles Product Liability Lawsuit for Roughly $900 Million.

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Like a car, our bodies are not designed to last forever.  Eventually, we have no other choice but to “repair” or “replace” parts of our body that no longer function properly.  Medical technology, thankfully, has made incredible strides in the past several decades.  With several exceptions, we can now replace a malfunctioning joint or organ with surgery.  The implications for the distant future are bright indeed.  We are now pioneering our way into a new age of biomedicine.

But there are also pitfalls in this new area of medicine.  Many of the materials that we use to create new implants, and other similar devices, are subject to human error.  Manufacturing them, in other words, can present new problems.  If the implants are not designed to be safe in the human body, there can be severe negative consequences.

The Stryker Corporation, an American medical technology company, has recently come under fire for the failure of its Rejuvenate hip implants.  According to the allegations in a class action lawsuit filed by patients with the implant, the devices were reportedly corroding and causing inflammation in tissue in and around the implant.  In 2012, Stryker made the decision to recall all of its implants in order to prevent any further backlash.  Unfortunately, by that time, thousands of Americans had already suffered injuries due to their defective hip implants.

Stryker has recently agreed to a settlement to pay $300,000 to each of the plaintiffs for each hip implant that required a revision surgery.  The settlement is estimated to include roughly 3,000 patients, which would mean that Stryker would stand to lose nearly $900 million from the lawsuit. “We estimate that it will cover about 3,000 patients whose devices have already failed,” Ellen Relkin, a plaintiffs attorney in the New Jersey case, said in an interview.

The damage caused by a defective product can be serious and long lasting.  If you or a loved one have endured this kind of pain and anguish, your suffering must be brought to an end.  With an experienced personal injury attorney at your side, you may be able to find the financial security that was robbed of you at the time of the accident.  Please call 617-787-3700 to tell us about your potential claim today.  Your needs are our top priority!

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