Grandmother And Two Boys Hit In Fatal Car Crash.

A loving grandmother, Li Fang Dong, was pushing her two grandsons in a stroller when they were hit in a tragic car accident. The 61-year-old grandmother was pronounced dead at the scene, while the boys aged one and two were resuscitated and treated at the local hospital.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Pine Island Road and Sunset Strip in Sunrise Florida, just a mile from where the family lived. Neighbors say the grandmother was quite active, always taking her grandsons out for walks.

According to police, it appears the grandmother was not using a crosswalk the night of the crash. Chalk outlines at the intersection show she was walking about 20 feet from the crosswalk when she was hit.

According to witnesses, the 23-year-old driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and appeared to be visibly shaken by the accident. The 1-year-old was thrown from the stroller and had to be resuscitated on the scene before being transported to the hospital for treatment with his cousin.

The accident occurred just after 7:00 PM last night. The family is still hoping their boys will recover from the tragic accident.

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