Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Targeting Oil Companies As Defendants For Allegedly Creating Climate Change.

We all understand that companies operating in the United States owe a certain level of responsibility to the public, and must take precautions to ensure that their activities do not cause harm to the American people. A more interesting question of duty and liability arises when we consider what level of responsibility companies owe to the environment. Climate change, as science has shown, is an ongoing phenomenon and is accelerating due to human activity. The question then becomes for some whether companies can be held liable and must pay damages for accelerating climate change when their own actions are the cause of the environmental damage.

At least for now, one federal judge seems to think the answer is no. Both the City of Oakland and the State of California recently filed lawsuits against five of the world’s major oil companies, claiming that the activity of these companies has led to rising sea levels which, in turn, will intrude onto city borders. However, U.S. District Judge William Alsup believes that the courts are not the place to answer these kinds of questions and impose liability. Despite accepting the scientific consensus of climate change, Judge Alsup apparently thinks that legislatures and environmental agencies are far better suited to handle the complex and scientific concerns that climate change creates and the responsibilities of businesses.

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