Boston Red Sox Successfully Defend Negligence Lawsuit After Woman Sues Over Being Hit By Foul Ball.

Because sports so often involve aggressive play between two teams competing heavily against each other, we often only concern ourselves with the safety of the players. However, it is equally important to protect the safety of the spectator, particularly in sports involving projectiles. Sometimes, major franchises and associations overlook the importance of fan safety, and injury can result. In such a situation, it may be wise to consult an expert personal injury attorney at 617-787-3700.

When Stephanie Taubin attended a Red Sox game in 2014, she was no doubt expecting the typical Fenway Park experience of hot dogs, beers, and lots of cheering. This notion was quickly shattered, however, when Taubin was struck by a foul ball, breaking her jaw. Taubin proceeded to file a lawsuit against Red Sox team owner John Henry, claiming his organization was negligent in not covering the area through which the ball traveled with protective netting or plexiglass.

Taubin sought $9.5 million for her injuries and for the pain and suffering. However, she was sorely disappointed when a Suffolk County Superior Court jury found the Red Sox were not negligent. Subsequent to the lawsuit, the Red Sox have assured fans and media that while spectator safety is of the highest concern, the area in which Taubin was sitting is, generally, perfectly safe.

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