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Messages that go between the human brain and the rest of the human body are transmitted by the spinal cord. These messages control the human body’s sensation and movement. Depending on where a traumatic spinal cord injury is located, injuries to the spinal cord can lead to a loss of sensation, and in more severe circumstances, paralysis.

When a Massachusetts resident suffers a spinal cord injury in his or her mid to lower back, paraplegia can result, which is when someone is paralyzed below the waist. When the Massachusetts spinal cord injury is sustained in the neck, such an injury can result in paralysis below the neck in all four limbs in cases of quadriplegia.

The most severe form of paralysis, quadriplegia, occurs when there is a traumatic injury to any spinal cord cervical vertebrae, namely C1 through C8, that are located in the neck. Depending on where the Massachusetts spinal cord injury occurred, the extent of paralysis can vary. When the trauma suffered was to the vertebrae at the top of the neck, the resulting injury is often full paralysis of all limbs. When a Massachusetts spinal cord injury occurs in the lower vertebrae, the injured Massachusetts resident may be able to move and feel some sensation in his or her hands, wrists or shoulders.

A Massachusetts auto accident, Massachusetts sporting accident, Massachusetts slip and fall accident, Massachusetts biker accident, Massachusetts plane accident, Massachusetts bike accident, Massachusetts job site accident, Massachusetts trucking accident and Massachusetts gunshot wounds accident are all potential causes of paralysis. If someone has been injured as a result of a Massachusetts personal injury accident and experiences numbness or burning pain in their body or has difficulty moving body parts, it is important that they receive immediate medical attention to check for spinal cord injuries. Time is of the essence in preventing paralysis.

Unfortunately, when an individual suffers from quadriplegia, they have a higher risk of frozen joints, respiratory complications and infections, pressure sores, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and fractures, spasticity and deep vein thrombosis. A person with quadriplegia may experience great pain, muscle spasms, infertility and sexual incontinence, and will also be confined to a wheelchair. Often a Massachusetts resident who has been diagnosed with quadriplegia will have a reduced life span as a result of their injury. A Massachusetts resident with quadriplegia will also likely experience difficulties digesting, breathing and excreting bodily waste, and they will need to depend on the aid of medical devices to help them function for the rest of their lives. A person with quadriplegia will often require a lifetime of psychological treatment and physical therapy.

In addition to being physically and emotionally devastating, a spinal cord injury is also a major financial burden. If you or a loved one has been paralyzed as a result of a Massachusetts personal injury accident, you and your family should not need to worry about expenses while you learn how to cope with your new lifestyle.

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