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Approximately 700 people in the United States are electrocuted on the job every year. Furthermore, between 500 and 1000 people die every year in our country after suffering an electrical shock. Electrical shocks, also known as an electrocution, can take place in many different types of situations, such as when a person comes into contact with any source of voltage that is substantial enough to send an electrical current through the person’s muscles or hair.

Generally speaking, Massachusetts electrocution injuries result from defective electrical wiring. These types of injuries, which can vary greatly in severity, occur most often at Massachusetts work sites and Massachusetts construction sites. Massachusetts companies that utilize electrical equipment to perform their work, most commonly at Massachusetts mechanical, industrial and construction work sites, must be certain that their Massachusetts employees are properly trained in Massachusetts and Federal safety procedures which guard against electrocution incidents. Additionally, all equipment must be kept in good repair and working order. In the event that a person comes in contact with exposed electrical wires, overhead power lines or faulty machinery, he or she may be electrocuted and suffer an electrocution injury. A number of Massachusetts electrical shock injuries take place inside the home and are the result of improper, damaged or defective products or improper product use. There is also the chance that Massachusetts utility companies and Massachusetts power line maintenance companies may be found to be at fault for injuries that result from faulty power lines outside homes or elsewhere.

Massachusetts electrical shock injuries often involve such injuries as electrical burns, lightning strikes, nerve depolarization, alternating current injuries, muscle depolarization, direct current electrical injuries, electrical flashes, myoglobinuria, myoglobinemia, or even Massachusetts wrongful death. A flash burn results from an electrocution injury when the skin’s outer layer is burned by heat from electricity. Massachusetts electrothermal burns, which result in damage both to the skin’s surface as well as underneath the skin, are generally more severe electrocution injuries. Massachusetts high voltage injuries typically occur with electrical shocks that are more than 600 volts, while Massachusetts low voltage injuries occur with electrical shocks that are less than 600 volts. In both instances, a wide range of injuries can be the result. Often, these injuries include ventricular fibrillation, otherwise known as an irregular heartbeat. High voltage contact has the potential to stop the heart completely, which may lead to a wrongful death from the electrocution incident.

Massachusetts electric shock accidents causing injuries may result in an irregular heartbeat, internal injuries, muscle spasms, nerve damage, cardiac arrest and even wrongful death. Most Massachusetts electric shock accidents take place because of defective electrical appliances, such as stoves, microwaves, hairdryers, extension cords and electrical outlets. Additionally, faulty underwater lighting fixtures or faulty wiring and pumps in hot tubs and swimming pools may result in a Massachusetts electric shock accident. The most common cause of Massachusetts electric shock incidents are overhead power lines that have improperly fallen down. These events lead to just about 40% of all Massachusetts electric shock deaths. The odds that an electric shock accident will result in a fatality depend on a number of factors and varying circumstances, such as the electric currency level, the victim’s duration of contact with the electric voltage and the current’s route and frequency.

Massachusetts electric shock accident victims often require surgery, in addition to physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation. This can lead to a substantial amount of time away from work. Permanent physical damage, for example neurological damage and cardiac arrest, and also psychological damage, can lead to a life-long or long-term disability. If the electric shock passes through a Massachusetts resident’s head, the electric shock victim may suffer serious brain damage. If this takes place, there is a wide range of harm that can result, including permanent memory loss and irreversible muscle spasms. When Massachusetts electric shock injuries require a victim to obtain in-home care or expensive medical devices, financial costs can quickly mount.

The most typical Massachusetts electric shock injuries are Massachusetts burn injuries. The three types of burn injuries that may result from an electric shock accident include electric burns, arc burns and thermal contact burns. An individual can sustain all three types of burns in just one electric shock accident. An electric burn takes place when an electric current passes through bone or tissue. Common entry and exit points for these types of burns are the hands and the legs. It is not unusual for muscles, arteries, veins and nerves to be affected when the electric current passes through a victim’s body. If the current enters the human body through one hand and out the other hand, there is a high chance that the current’s passageway through the heart will result in ventricular fibrillation.

Ventricular fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat that has the potential to lead to cardiac arrest and death. When ventricular fibrillation occurs, the heart cells are not able to maintain the necessary pulse to keep the blood pumping properly and circulating throughout the body. When this happens, often the heart may stop beating altogether which can cause permanent injury or wrongful death. The individual’s only chance at survival in these situations is if the heart is revived quickly. An attempt to revive the heart is usually done by a medical professional with a defibrillator or by CPR.

Arc burns, which are otherwise known as flash burns, take place most of the time when a Massachusetts resident sustains a considerable amount of heat from a nearby electrical explosion or electric arc. When the skin comes in contact with an overheated electric conductor or a piece of hot electrical equipment, thermal contact burns can be the result. If the electric equipment at issue is very hot, it is possible for one’s clothing or other flammable material to ignite. If this occurs, additional burns may result. Involuntary body movement as a result of an electrocution can lead to further injuries, including bruises, sprains, broken bones and head trauma.

Massachusetts worker’s compensation benefits typically cover any injuries that a Massachusetts resident suffers while at work. However, these job site benefits are oftentimes limited to recovery for medical bills and lost wages. There is no compensation for pain and suffering as is the case in a typical accident claim for negligence. Unfortunately, Massachusetts worker’s compensation benefits frequently do not sufficiently cover all damages and expenses incurred.

Aside from an employer’s negligence, Massachusetts electric shock accidents may be the result of a third party’s negligence. Liable third parties often include Massachusetts power companies, Massachusetts construction companies and Massachusetts landlords. Manufacturers, product designers and distributors may be found to be liable to a person injured by an electric shock if a faulty product results in the electric shock accident. When this occurs, negligence may be shown by demonstrating that there was an employer or other third party that failed to adhere to the applicable regulated electrical safety standards.

The indoor electrical safety standards for homes, businesses and work sites are set forth by the National Electrical Code. The National Electrical Code also sets outdoor standards regarding power lines and power transmission. In addition to the national requirements, Massachusetts law requires certain additional electrical safety standards to be adhered to and followed. In an effort to protect young children, in particular, from the risk of electric shock, electrical outlets are recommended to be covered and electrical cords should be kept out of reach. If an electrical issue takes place within the home, a Massachusetts electrician should be called to fix the problem.

Massachusetts has a time limit for filing an electric shock claim for injuries. Therefore, it is crucial that the assistance of one of our expert and knowledgeable Massachusetts electrocution accident attorneys be obtained at the outset of a Massachusetts electric shock incident. This is necessary to ensure that no filing deadlines are missed. Please do not hesitate to call our Massachusetts electrocution injury lawyer specialists today at 617-787-3700. We will help you!

Massachusetts residents injured in Massachusetts accidents involving electrocution require immediate medical attention. In extreme cases, CPR or defibrillation may be required to help the victim to begin breathing again. Powerful electrical currents running through the body may lead to permanent damage, including paralysis, psychological damage and neurological problems.

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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or been killed from electrocution, it is necessary and highly beneficial to gain the assistance of an experienced, seasoned and nationally respected Massachusetts personal injury lawyer or Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer. The highly knowledgeable and skilled Boston, Massachusetts personal injury attorneys and Boston, Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys at the Boston, MA Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates are able to effectively handle your Massachusetts electrical shock case from start to finish. Our expert Boston personal injury accident lawyers are dedicated to obtaining full and fair compensation for you in order to pay for your medical bills and lost wages, so call today at 617-787-3700.

In situations where the electrical shock injuries lead to permanent damage or a disability, our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers will work as hard as we are capable of to obtain compensation for your lost future earnings, in addition to your pain and suffering. Our Boston, Massachusetts personal injury law firm works in close conjunction with a number of Massachusetts specialists, including Massachusetts construction site experts and Massachusetts civil and electrical engineers, who can help prove your case. Our Boston, MA injury lawyers and Boston, MA wrongful death lawyers will work tirelessly on your behalf in order for you to receive the money that you need to maintain your and your family’s financial stability.  Please do not hesitate to contact our expert and skilled Boston personal injury accident lawyers right away at 617-787-3700 or email us at Let us get to work for you now!

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