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You can also recover as damages the reasonable and necessary medical expenses that you paid to treat the bodily injuries you sustained as a result of the defendant’s negligence. You have to have paid the medical bills yourself or incurred a legal obligation to pay for them in order to recover the amount of these expenses.

You can also recover monetary compensation for future medical expenses if you can demonstrate that, in the future, you will probably need more medical services regarding the injuries caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Collateral Source Rule: If someone else is paying for your medical expenses, such as your private health insurer, does the jury need to know or have a legal right under Massachusetts law to know that? Ordinarily, the answer is no in Massachusetts. Many accident victim’s medical expenses are covered by insurance. Often, an insurance company that pays medical bills from an accident requires the injured party to pay them back out of any settlement or other monetary award. For this reason, and to promote justice and fairness, a defendant cannot present evidence that a plaintiff’s bills were paid by private health insurance or by some other third party in an effort to reduce the plaintiff’s monetary recovery (or for any other reason).

The one exception to the application of the collateral source rule in Massachusetts personal injury cases is where the plaintiff attempts to introduce evidence to show that he or she is poverty-cases stricken and thus is unable to pay the medical bills. A plaintiff may do this for a number of reasons. However, the bottom line is that if someone other than the plaintiff is paying the bills, for example a private health insurance company or a rich parent, it is not wise for the plaintiff to tell the jury that he or she is unable to pay their bills. If this happens, the defendant can cross examine the plaintiff about the insurance or third party payments of the bills, which will most likely significantly weaken the plaintiff’s case.

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