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If You Have Sustained Wrongful Birth Damages Because Your Newborn Has Genetic Defects or Other Serious Injuries, Please Call Our Boston Accident Lawyer Experts Today at 617-787-3700. We Can Help You.

The parents of children born with genetic defects can often recover for emotional distress – and the physical injuries resulting from the emotional distress – if a doctor negligently advised the parents regarding the child’s genetics. For example, if a physician failed to advise you before your child was born that he or she was likely going to be born paralyzed, you could have a meritorious wrongful birth claim.

Of course, the Massachusetts jury will be required to offset any money damages you would recover by the benefits of having a child – genetic defect or not. You also cannot obtain damages from the doctor for an impaired relationship with your child resulting from the genetic defect, because the doctor’s conduct did not cause the genetic defect itself. In addition, the child is not entitled to recover any damages under applicable Massachusetts law.

You might have a similar claim for money damages if an adoption agency negligently failed to let you know about specific negative conditions set forth in a child’s medical records prior to adoption. For example, if the agency fails to let you know that the child will likely, due to a known medical condition, become paralyzed in the future, you could have a wrongful adoption claim based on the adoption agency’s negligence.

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