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OUI/DWI and Other Motor Vehicle Offenses

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Successfully defending individuals accused of DWI/OUI requires a comprehensive understanding of the limitations of the so-called breathalyzer, the flawed investigative methods taught by the Police Academy to the arresting officer, and the shortcomings of the field sobriety “tests.”
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A DUI charge can change your lifestyle. How will you get to work, to school, to run errands? A
suspended driver’s license can be a constant worry. Even first time offenders pay stiff fines and
can face imprisonment of up to six months. Sentencing requirements for subsequent offences
escalate rapidly. Protect your driving privileges and yourself. Hire a lawyer with a proven
track record in these matters.

Our Boston Motor Vehicle Offense Lawyers Will Help You.

We represent clients throughout the state in all motor vehicle matters, including DWI/OUI,
moving violations, breathalyzer refusal, license suspensions, hardship licenses, ignition interlock, and other matters involving the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the RMV Board of Appeal.

If your license has been suspended, we will vigorously challenge the suspension and do our best to get your full license back. We also handle moving violations and ignition interlock suspension hearings at both the RMV and Appellate level. We have an outstanding track record and are a statewide authority on Registry of Motor Vehicles matters.

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