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We Are Experienced and Highly Skilled Boston, MA Family Law Lawyer Experts In Boston, Massachusetts. Let Our Massachusetts Divorce Attorney Specialists Work For You. Call Us Today at 617-787-3700 or Email Us at

The family law lawyers at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates are experts in family law and handle all types of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Domestic abuse

Our expert family law lawyers take great pride in the services that we provide to our family law clients and the results that we obtain for them. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to upholding the rights of our clients and know that each individual case is a unique situation.

For that reason, our highly skilled family law lawyers get to know each of our clients on a personal level in order to understand what is most important to them. Our expert family law attorneys recognize that each individual has a different set of goals, and we work closely with our family law clients to achieve their personal goals, using our skills and extensive knowledge of family law.

Our team of highly skilled family law attorneys always treat our clients with respect and dignity. We respond promptly to phone calls and e-mails with patience and compassion. We take great pride in handling divorce and family law cases the right way.

Our Boston, MA Family Law Lawyer Specialists Are Advocates, Advisors and Emotional Supports. Call Our Massachusetts Divorce Attorney Experts 24/7 at 617-787-3700.

Our team of family law lawyers understands the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies family law disputes. As such, we are as concerned with our clients’ emotional well being as we are with vigorously pursuing their legal cases.

We want things to go as smoothly as possible for you.

Our family law attorneys would be happy to meet with you anywhere in Massachusetts to discuss your family law needs. Contact one of our experienced family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates now at 617-787-3700 to protect your rights.

We Are Boston, MA Family Law Lawyer Professionals. Call Our Expert Massachusetts Divorce Attorney Advocates at 617-787-3700.

Divorce and other family disputes can be emotionally and financially damaging. Our Boston, MA family and divorce attorneys are devoted to guiding you through this difficult and stressful time. Our family law attorney specialists represent fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and partners, and we help them successfully collaborate to arrive at amicable decisions regarding a parenting plan, child and spouse support, division of property and other family law legal issues.

Our mission is to help you negotiate equitable and beneficial solutions in an environment where all parties feel safe. While we aim to achieve resolutions at the lowest cost possible, and with the least amount of emotional intensity, we have the strength, skill and determination to take your case to trial and fight for your rights in court, if necessary. Our affiliates have extensive experience in asset management, including real estate law and business law, and are also available to assist you with any additional needs that may arise from your familial disputes.

If you are dealing with divorce, child custody, paternity, child support or any other family law issues, we can help.

Please call our family law lawyer experts at 617-787-3700 or email us at to arrange for a free and confidential consultation.

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Let us provide you with the legal and emotional support that you need.

Our Boston, MA Family Law Lawyer Advocates Are Nationally Known and Respected. You Can Reach Our Massachusetts Divorce Attorney Professionals 24/7 at 617-787-3700. Your Needs Are Our Top Priority!













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