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If you are facing Massachusetts criminal charges, you probably feel frustrated, alone and overwhelmed. You are likely wondering where you can find a highly skilled and experienced Boston, MA criminal defense lawyer who can help you figure out this messy situation and get you the best possible results. Look no further. The Boston, MA criminal defense Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates have the expert Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers you need to help you address your legal problems.

The team of highly skilled Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers at the Boston, MA Law Offices of Gilbert R Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates has helped many Massachusetts residents who have been arrested and accused of Massachusetts criminal offenses, from minor infractions such as Massachusetts misdemeanors, to more serious charges including Massachusetts felonies. Our team of expert Boston criminal defense attorneys has handled Massachusetts criminal cases involving:

  • Massachusetts Appeals and Arraignment
  • Massachusetts Arson
  • Massachusetts Assault and Battery
  • Massachusetts Bullying
  • Massachusetts Burglary
  • Massachusetts Clerk Hearings
  • Massachusetts College Crimes
  • Massachusetts Conspiracy
  • Massachusetts Disorderly Conduct
  • Massachusetts Domestic Violence
  • Massachusetts Driver’s License Revocation and Suspension
  • Massachusetts Drug Crimes
  • Massachusetts Drunk Driving (OUI, DWI and DUI)
  • Massachusetts Embezzlement
  • Massachusetts Expungement and Stealing
  • Massachusetts Felonies and Violent Crimes
  • Massachusetts Gun Possession and Charges
  • Massachusetts Healthcare Fraud
  • Massachusetts Home Invasion
  • Massachusetts Hate Crimes
  • Massachusetts Juvenile Offenses
  • Massachusetts Kidnapping
  • Massachusetts Larceny
  • Massachusetts Medicare Fraud
  • Massachusetts Murder and Homicide
  • Massachusetts Probation Violations and Outstanding Warrants
  • Massachusetts Rape
  • Massachusetts Restraining Orders
  • Massachusetts Robbery
  • Massachusetts Sex Crimes
  • Massachusetts Shoplifting
  • Massachusetts Stalking
  • Massachusetts Tax Fraud
  • Massachusetts Theft Crimes
  • Massachusetts Vandalism
  • Massachusetts Web and Cyber Crime
  • Massachusetts White Collar Crimes
  • And More

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The experienced and highly skilled Massachusetts criminal law lawyers at the Boston, MA Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates are dedicated to providing our Massachusetts criminal defense clients with top notch legal advice. Our Boston, MA criminal law lawyer specialists also work hard to make sure that our clients receive the non-legal support that they need during this stressful time.

Our Massachusetts criminal defense attorney specialists know your rights, as well as all of the nuances of Massachusetts criminal procedures, and will work tirelessly to protect those rights. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has created laws which protect every individual’s rights, including those who have been accused of committing a Massachusetts crime. Some of these rights include the right to remain silent, the right to be informed of the Massachusetts criminal charges against you, the right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to refuse to answer on an acquittal, the right to be free from punishment without a conviction, the right to a medical examination and the right to counsel.

Prior to the custodial interrogation of a Massachusetts criminal violation suspect, the police are required to read the individual his or her Miranda rights. If the police fail to read a suspect his or her Miranda rights, the statements that the individual made during the interrogation may be inadmissible as evidence. Any additional information that would have remained undiscovered may also be inadmissible. Inadequate evidence often leads to a dismissal of the pending Massachusetts criminal charges.

The police are typically permitted to search a Massachusetts resident’s home, car, property or financial records when a Massachusetts judge has found that there is probable cause. A Massachusetts judge will make a finding of probable cause when the judge believes that performing a search will likely yield evidence of a Massachusetts crime. There are also very limited circumstances that allow for a Massachusetts police officer to search a home without a search warrant, the most typical of which is if the individual voluntarily allows a search or invites a Massachusetts police officer into the home. Many Massachusetts residents are unaware that they have right to refuse a search. It is not uncommon to have concerns as to whether a search of one’s property was unreasonable.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has created time periods that define how long a criminal case can remain pending in court. Disposition is not allowed to exceed five months for Massachusetts criminal offenses that have a maximum period of incarceration of six months and those that do not require incarceration and are punishable by fine only. Disposition is not allowed to exceed twelve months for Massachusetts criminal offenses that carry a jail sentence of more than six months.

In all Massachusetts criminal cases, the defendant is entitled to a trial by a Massachusetts jury. There is no right to a trial by jury, however, if the individual has been charged with a petty offense, namely a crime that carries with it a jail sentence of six months or less. Minors are generally tried in Massachusetts juvenile court, with the exception of serious Massachusetts criminal offenses, such as murder. Massachusetts juvenile court does not allow for trial by jury.

The two Massachusetts courts that can hear Massachusetts criminal cases are the Massachusetts District Court and the Massachusetts Superior Court. The majority of criminal cases that are prosecuted in Massachusetts are brought in the District Court, which has authority over most Massachusetts criminal cases. In general, Massachusetts District Court judges have the power to sentence a defendant to a maximum of two and one half years on each criminal charge. Many of these cases involve Massachusetts misdemeanors, namely crimes that are punishable by a jail term of less than one year. Massachusetts Superior Court judges generally preside over more serious crimes, such as those which require sentencing of more than two and one half years on each criminal charge. Many of these cases involve felonies, which are crimes that are punishable by a jail term of at least one year.

Our expert Massachusetts criminal defense attorneys understand that each client’s case is unique. Our Boston, MA criminal law defense attorneys tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Our highly skilled Boston criminal defense attorneys will make sure that you are kept fully appraised of and participate in the decision making process with respect to each and every step that we take to defend your Massachusetts criminal case. Our experienced Boston, MA criminal defense lawyers will also discuss with you your rights and duties under Massachusetts law to lower your risk of re-offending.

Our knowledgeable and nonjudgmental Boston criminal defense lawyers will aggressively pursue your Massachusetts criminal case from the outset to conclusion to make sure that you receive the best possible outcomes. We will assist you in all aspects of your Massachusetts legal representation, providing you with the advice and support you need to successfully resolve your case.

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The Boston, MA criminal defense lawyers at our Boston, MA law office will fight tirelessly on your behalf to defend your criminal case and protect your rights. Our extensive criminal defense experience, thorough knowledge of Massachusetts law regarding criminal charges, and familiarity with the local courts and police departments, make us the best Boston criminal defense lawyers that you can choose to resolve your legal problems.

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