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Our Boston, MA Attorneys Are Experts in Business Litigation. Please Call Our Boston, MA Commercial Litigation Attorney Specialists At 617-787-3700. Our Massachusetts Business Litigation Lawyer Experts Are Available 24/7.

The Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates has extensive experience and expertise in commercial litigation, which covers a wide range of the law, and essentially involves any lawsuit in which a person suffers economic damage as opposed to personal injury. Our team of Boston commercial litigation attorneys will provide you with excellent results and services in all areas of commercial litigation.

We are Experienced and Seasoned Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Boston, Massachusetts. Call Our Massachusetts Business Litigation Lawyer Specialists at 617-787-3700.

In our commercial litigation practice, we work with our clients to find the best fee structure for both parties. This can include 100% contingent fees, hourly rate fees, or a combination of both. Please call our Boston business law lawyers for a free initial consultation at 617-787-3700 or email us at

Our Boston, MA Commercial Litigation Attorney Experts Provide a Wide Range of Commercial Litigation Services.

Our Boston law firm’s commercial litigation practice encompasses multiple aspects of commercial relationships, including disputes involving misappropriation of trade secrets, patents, accountant malpractice, contracts, business dissolutions, disputes involving the purchase or sale of a business, bad faith claims against insurance companies, and the purchase of life insurance and other types of securities. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

The Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm have over two decades of experience in handling and trying complex commercial litigation cases, such as breach of contract disputes. These disputes are unfortunately a common occurrence because all Massachusetts businesses are created by means of a contract. When a Massachusetts business contract is breached, it can have long-term effects that can harm the profitability of the business down the road. There are a number of contract disputes that our Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys have had extensive experience in, including, breaches of Massachusetts sales or service contracts, Massachusetts commercial lease agreements and Massachusetts employment contracts. Our Boston, MA commercial litigation attorneys also have extensive experience with regard to Massachusetts failure to pay, Massachusetts internal contract disputes, Massachusetts misrepresentation or fraud, Massachusetts multiple-business contract issues, Massachusetts operating contracts and Massachusetts partnership agreements.

In order for a party to recover compensation in a Massachusetts breach of contract case, the party that was harmed must show that the breach was material and that it resulted in some form of damage. According to Massachusetts law, a breach is material if there is a promised benefit that was taken away from the wronged party. The breaching party must also have violated the Massachusetts standards of good faith and fair dealing. Generally, compensation includes awarding money damages or forcing the breaching party to act as they initially promised that they would in the contract. Fortunately, our Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys have gained a national reputation in settling and trying complex Massachusetts breach of contract claims and obtaining high damage awards for our Massachusetts commercial litigation clients. We are committed to providing outstanding legal representation and client service. Our Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys are not satisfied with the outcome of a client’s case unless the client feels that they received the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

Aside from Massachusetts breach of contract cases, there are a number of employer-employee disputes that unfortunately arise in Massachusetts on a daily basis. Our Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys have substantial experience in handling disputes involving Massachusetts employment benefits litigation, Massachusetts breach of employment contract claims, Massachusetts discrimination claims, Massachusetts equal Pay Act claims, Massachusetts family and Medical Leave Act claims, Massachusetts tort law claims, Massachusetts non-competition agreement claims, Massachusetts payment of wage claims, Massachusetts sexual harassment, Massachusetts theft of trade secret claims, Massachusetts unfair competition, and Massachusetts wrongful discharge or termination claims. Massachusetts employment law is highly complex. Fortunately the Massachusetts commercial litigation attorney specialists at our Boston, MA law firm have the skill, knowledge and resources necessary in order to limit our clients’ exposure and costs at the outset of a dispute.

Massachusetts business fraud occurs when a Massachusetts business or individual engages in deceit to gain some type of unfair advantage. Our expert Boston commercial fraud attorney specialists have great expertise in all types of Massachusetts business fraud litigation cases, including Massachusetts breach of contract, Massachusetts breach of fiduciary duty, Massachusetts deceptive practices, Massachusetts employment fraud, Massachusetts lender liability, Massachusetts misrepresentations and omissions, Massachusetts misrepresentation of shareholders, Massachusetts stock churning, Massachusetts stockbroker fraud, and Massachusetts unfair trade practices.

Massachusetts intellectual property law usually involves a company’s most valuable assets, including inventions, innovations, creative solutions and new processes. In the past few years, intellectual property lawsuits have been on the rise. Specifically, infringement and counterfeiting have recently become a greater problem. The Massachusetts intellectual property lawyer specialists at our Boston, MA law firm have the ability to deal with all issues involving trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents. Our lawyers assist our Massachusetts intellectual property clients in creating an intellectual property management strategy that will reduce the client’s risk of asset theft. Our Massachusetts intellectual property lawyers have significant experience in handling intellectual property claims relating to biotechnology, computer software, electronics and high-tech products, financial services, food and consumer products, green energy technologies, internet and media technologies, mechanical and electromechanical products, medical devices, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, specialized chemicals and wireless services.

Massachusetts unfair competition occurs when fraudulent, deceptive or dishonest Massachusetts trade practices take place that are prohibited by Massachusetts law. Typically, two types of damage awards are available for parties that have been injured by Massachusetts unfair competition. Injunctive relief is when a Massachusetts court orders a business to refrain from engaging any further in the unlawful action. Monetary damages can also be awarded to compensate the party for losses occurred as a result of the unlawful action.

The Massachusetts commercial litigation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm have significant expertise in all areas of commercial litigation law. You should not hesitate to contact our Massachusetts commercial litigation attorney specialists at 617-787-3700 or email us at Call today. Your needs are our top priority!

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