Wrongful Death Suit Brought in Aftermath of Cleveland High School Shooting Results in $2.66 Million Settlement.

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When the death of a loved one comes at the hand of a negligent person or party, there is a natural desire to seek fair compensation for the loss.  Unexpected or accidental deaths are always accompanied by burial, funeral and other costs, but the emotional toll felt by loved ones is impossible to truly quantify.  No amount of money can ever truly soothe the wounds of such a devastating loss, yet assessing the amount of monetary compensation for these losses is the nearest thing to justice that one may find.  In a recent case, three Ohio families reached wrongful death settlements, each in the amount of $889,583.33. 

While the perpetrator of the shootings was sentenced to a life sentence, without parole, for these killings, a wrongful death suit was also brought a short time later.  The shooting took place at the Chardon High School in Ohio, when a 17 year-old student fired a loaded weapon inside the school cafeteria, killing three and injuring three others.   The families of the three students killed in the shooting sought damages from the shooter’s parents and grandparents who were allegedly liable because of negligent supervision.  The victims’ families were successful in recovering damages for their losses, and in addition, filed a separate action against the school district, claiming that the school failed to provide adequate security or to prevent the shooter from entering the premises with a loaded weapon.

In wrongful death cases such as these, it can be difficult to identify the parties responsible for the loss, or to apportion damages according to the degree of contribution.  Parents, grandparents and other guardians can be responsible for minors under their care who they know to be a risk to the health and safety of others.  In addition, school systems may be liable for the serious injuries or even deaths caused by their failure to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.  If you have lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s reckless conduct, please contact our highly skilled Boston, MA wrongful death lawyers.  Although nothing can ever truly fill the void left by the death of a loved one, our professional and specialized attorneys will help you obtain monetary compensation that will allow you to grieve without the fear of heavy financial burden as well.

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