What Is My Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Assessing the monetary value of a Massachusetts personal injury claim is a very complex and detailed process, one that is not typically possible at the beginning of a case. One reason such a determination is difficult is that insurance companies frequently dispute that the person they insure is responsible for the injuries that have been suffered. Or the insurance company may try to say say that, at most, they are only partially responsible for your injuries.

The amount of available insurance coverage or assets is another element that factors into determining the value of your Massachusetts personal injury claim. As is sometimes the case, a personal injury claim may be worth a significant amount of money, but there may only be a limited amount of insurance coverage or assets available to compensate you for your personal injury damages.

Even if you believe that your claim may only be worth a small amount, or even if the case may have no monetary value in terms of available insurance coverage or assets, you should still speak with one of our Boston, MA personal injury lawyers at our Boston, MA law firm right away. Our expert Massachusetts attorneys may inform you that your case is worth much more than you think. In addfition, our lawyers frequently find additional coverage, whether through the State or another entity.

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