US Steel Fined $170,000 For Exposing Workers To Asbestos.

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Asbestos was once a highly common product used in manufacturing in the twentieth century. It was cheap, readily available, and also was praised for its insulation abilities and durability.  After decades of frequent use, however, scientists learned—all too painfully— of the severely harmful effects of inhaling asbestos dust and spores.  Exposure to asbestos dust and fiber can result in asbestosis, a chronic medical condition affecting lung tissue which makes breathing extremely difficult, in addition to other diseases.

Because of its extreme harm to humans, asbestos is heavily regulated in its use and storage.  When companies violate these regulations, they not only put their employees at risk, but also may face hefty fines.  US Steel has recently been fined $170,000 by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for reportedly exposing its workers to asbestos. An investigation revealed that workers removed and replaced packing material containing asbestos and were instructed to burn and remove rotten sections of pipe that tested positive for asbestos.

After its investigation, OSHA cited the company for a total of ten violations of worker safety laws.  Chris Robinson, the director of OSHA involved in the investigation, told “once again, we have found U.S. Steel Corp. failed to protect its employees from the serious risks of asbestos exposure. Breathing airborne asbestos fibers can cause lung damage that often progresses to disability and possible death.”   This is the second time, since 2011, that OSHA has cited US Steel for exposing its employees to asbestos hazards.

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