United Airlines Faces Public Backlash After Customer Is Violently Removed From Aircraft Due To Overbooking.

United Airlines has been the latest target of public anger following an incident involving a customer on one of their flights. On April 9th, 2017, a day just like any other, Dr. David Dao boarded a United Airlines flight in Chicago bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Shortly after the flight was fully boarded and just before takeoff, United staff came on board and notified the passengers that the flight was overbooked. They asked for 5 volunteers to give up their seats to United employees in exchange for travel vouchers and hotel accommodations. No one volunteered, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Because no passengers would volunteer their seats, the airline randomly selected 5 passengers to give up their seat—Dr. David Dao was one of them. While the other 4 passengers left willingly, Dr. Dao refused, stating that he was not getting off the plane because he had to see patients in the morning. The situation escalated, and aviation authorities were called onto the plane to forcibly remove Dr. Dao from his seat. With cell phone cameras rolling, the authorities ripped him from his seat and dragged him down the aisle of the aircraft. He allegedly suffered a broken nose and a concussion during the removal.

In the wake of the incident, United Airlines has faced huge public backlash and criticism for how their staff handled the situation. The company has also seen a drop in their stock prices. Dr. Dao and his attorneys have released a public statement indicating that he intends to file a personal injury lawsuit against the airlines for the injuries he sustained.

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