Two Lawsuits Filed Against South Carolina Department of Transportation and Horry County After Two Men Crash Their Motorcycles on an Allegedly Unsafe Road Surface.

Poor road conditions, often due to weather or defects, are a major problem for motorcycle riders.  Hydroplaning or a bump in the pavement can be enough to wipe out a motorcycle.  In addition, a motorcycle accident victim has little structural protection to prevent him or her from sustaining serious injuries in the event of an accident.  For this reason, approximately 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, four times higher than the comparable rate for automobiles. 

On May 12, 2015, Randolph MacKenzie was traveling north on International Drive in Carolina Forest, South Carolina.  As MacKenzie was driving, the road surface changed from a paved road to coquina.  The unstable road conditions caused him to suddenly lose control of his motorcycle and crash.  MacKenzie suffered severe injuries from the accident.  He filed a lawsuit against the South Carolina Department of Transportation and Horry County for damages related to his injuries.

Another lawsuit was filed by Teresa Toronto, the personal representative for the estate of James Toronto Sr. On August 31, 2015, James Toronto was driving his motorcycle on International Drive, when he crashed shortly after the spot where the road transitions from asphalt to coquina.  Toronto passed away from his injuries eight days after the accident.

Both lawsuits allege that the defendants, South Carolina Department of Transportation and Horry County, were negligent in allowing the road to fall into disrepair, failing to properly inspect and maintain the road, leaving it in an unreasonably hazardous and unsafe condition, failing to properly mark the road or have proper signage, failing to warn motorists of the change of surfaces, and failing to repair the dangerous conditions when they knew or should have known that they existed.  Attorney Charles V. Leonard is representing MacKenzie and attorneys Lee Cope and Dirk Derrick are representing Toronto.

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