Tough Questions Asked of Massachusetts Regulators in the Widening Tainted Drug Scandal.

Massachusetts state regulators are coming under increasing scrutiny over their role in the tainted drug scandal involving the New England Compounding Center (“NECC”) pharmacy of Framingham, Massachusetts.

According to recently released papers, doctors and officials from Iowa, Wisconsin and from Texas submitted documented complaints to Massachusetts state regulators on past occasions, including the Board of Registration in Pharmacy (“the Board”). The Board, however, apparently failed to follow up on all of these complaints and failed to investigate the NECC.

The NECC became the focal point of a medication scandal, after dozens of wrongful deaths and hundreds of personal injuries were linked to one of its injectable steroid drugs. At the time of the scandal, NECC was violating state laws by shipping prescription medication in bulk without patient-specific prescriptions.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has publicly stated that state regulators complied with their responsibilities and that a lack of appropriate rules and regulations is to blame.

Defense attorneys for the NECC have publicly argued that the Board and other regulators fell far short of fulfilling their responsibilities, because they failed to inspect the NECC’s facilities and documents which were made available to the regulators.

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