Tokyo, Japan Experiences First Snow Storm In 13 Years.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the snowstorm that gripped the city of Tokyo and surrounding areas this past Saturday, February 8, 2014 is the first such storm since 2001.

The snow began falling in the early hours of the day on Saturday, and only stopped approximately 24 hours later. By the time the precipitation halted, it had turned to mostly rain and sleet. As a result of the storm, Japan’s most populous city experienced 5 inches of snow – the most since 2001.

As Georgians can attest, even small amounts of snow can cause massive problems in major metropolitan areas not accustomed to getting such precipitation. Tokyo’s famed metropolitan train and regional bullet train systems were running with big delays. Japanese mass transit is the pride of Japan and almost always runs on time. The uncharacteristically large snowfall, however, caused delays in tracks being cleared and closed major roadways due to the lack of available plows.

Japanese testing centers took a highly unusual step in delaying and canceling university entrance exams, due to the delays in the mass transit system. Japanese media has reported dozens of injuries from car accidents and slip and fall accidents in the Tokyo area.

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