Tennis Instructor Awarded $7 Million in Personal Injury Damages After Getting Hit by Valet.

Tory Fretz is a former professional tennis player who intended to spend most of her time working as a tennis instructor in San Diego, California. The 66-year-old instructor, however, has had to changer her plans. This is because she was walking by the Fantasy Springs Casino recently when she was struck by a car, resulting in serious personal injuries. The car was being operated by a valet working for the Minuteman Parking Co. Fretz was taken to a nearby hospital, where she had to be kept for four days to begin to treat her injuries before she was cleared to leave.

Fretz claims that, as a result of the car collision, she suffered brain damage, affecting both her cognitive functions and memory. Not only has this caused her to endure serious pain and suffering, but it has also made it impossible for her to return to her work as a tennis instructor, something she previously intended to do for years to come.

After she was injured, Fretz brought a lawsuit against Minuteman. The suit names Minuteman as the defendant because an employer can be held accountable for the negligent actions of their employees.

According to, in addition to her medical bills and pain and suffering, Fretz primarily sued the defendant to recover damages for her loss of enjoyment of life and her lost wages. A San Diego, CA  jury recently found Minuteman to be primarily responsible for Fretz’s injuries, and awarded her $7,381,115 in personal injury damages.

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