Snowy Roads Cause Massive 20-Car Pileup on Connecticut Highway.

Now that winter is finally upon us, temperatures will continue to drop; and with it, there will come an increase in snow and ice.  If you choose to drive in non-ideal conditions, such as on snowy or icy roads, you have an obligation to alter the manner in which you drive in order to maintain road safety.  What is perfectly acceptable during a clear, warm, sunny day may be disastrous during other, more hazardous, conditions. Drivers need to be aware that speed limits and regular rules of the road are intended to apply only in typical circumstances, and that you have an obligation as a driver to alter your driving to compensate for the particular conditions of the road, especially when driving on snow or ice.

New England was finally hit with a large-scale snow storm this past week that made driving particularly hazardous.  As some areas got nearly one foot of snow, local roads and highways became increasingly hazardous.  Even with zealous plowing and snow removal, most roads were coated in a slippery layer of snow or ice.  These conditions were reportedly to blame for a massive twenty-car-crash in Middletown, Connecticut.

According to, the pileup on Interstate 91 occurred Saturday afternoon and involved multiple vehicles, including cars, trucks, and at least three tractor-trailers.  Fortunately, no major injuries or fatalities have been reported.  This may be because most drivers were driving at a slower, safer speed due to the weather conditions.  If drivers had not adjusted their speeds to fit the weather, there easily could have been dozens of fatalities or serious injuries. While some conditions make even cautious driving dangerous, it is important to compensate for the environment around your vehicle and drive with the necessary caution and care.

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