Snowplow Accidents Causing Concern For Many.

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Snowplows were created to keep our roadways clean and safe.  Snowplows exist to rid our highways and community roadways of dangerous snow and ice.  Although they are necessary to our modern world, they are hardly perfect.  Snowplows are heavy, large and often clumsy devices that can be difficult to maneuver.  Add whiteout conditions and slippery roads, and there is no confusion as to why snowplows are regularly involved in traffic accidents.

Snowplow accidents come in many different forms.  Like any vehicle, snowplows can be involved in crashes, including hitting cars head-on or sideswiping parked cars.  Another danger arises when snowplows plow snow over bridges, which can push heavy snow onto unsuspecting motorists below.  Like any motor vehicles facing winter weather, snowplow drivers should take extra care when operating in low visibility conditions.

A recent article published in USA Today detailed recent snowplow injury lawsuits filed in the state of Iowa.  According to the state’s transportation department, snowplows were involved in 230 accidents during the past five winters in the state of Iowa alone.  The transportation department paid more than $1.2 million to repair damaged vehicles and settle lawsuits where motorists or passengers were injured.  A Sioux Rapids woman, who was injured in 2012 when a snowplow driver neglected to yield to oncoming traffic, won the largest award.  The lawsuit resulted in a $445,000 award. 

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