Seattle Veterans Affairs Hospital Appointment Delays Lead to Man’s Wrongful Death.

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An attorney from Tacoma, Washington has filed a federal lawsuit involving an alleged wrongful death. In the complaint, it is alleged that his client’s death resulted from the delays in getting an appointment at the Seattle Veterans Affairs Hospital. His client, Mr. Donald Douglass, upon discovering a small spot on his forehead, contacted the Seattle VA Hospital for treatment. He was given an appointment for four months from that date. By the time a medical professional finally saw him, it was found that the spot was cancerous and that the cancer had already spread.

This all allegedly could have been avoided due to the fact that Mr. Douglass could have been put on immunosuppressant drugs that would have made the removal of the spot easy. Instead, he passed away a year later because of the delay.

Currently, multiple Veterans Affairs facilities nationwide are under investigation for delays in patient care. At this time, the Seattle VA Hospital is denying liability for Mr. Douglass’s injuries leading to his death.

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