School Field Trip Results In Tick Bite That Leaves Student Paralyzed.

When parents send their kids off on school field trips, they expect that the schools have done their homework and prepared properly for the potential dangers of whatever location has been chosen. These dangers are often subtler than the simple fact that a child may get lost in a crowded place.

A prime example of this is a field trip taken by 15 year-old Cara Munn while hiking a mountain in China. Munn was on a trip organized by the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut when, while descending a mountain, she was bitten by a tick. Ten days after experiencing the bite, Munn began exhibiting symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). She now cannot speak and has extremely limited dexterity. A jury later awarded Munn $41.75 million in damages, which was upheld by the Connecticut Supreme Court. In so doing,  Chief Justice Rogers decided that measures to inform students of the possibility of insect-related illnesses is part of the general duty schools owe their students and teachers. The U.S. Center for Disease Control had issues a warning about the prevalence of disease carrying ticks in the area in which Munn and her fellow classmates were hiking. Munn was represented by attorney Antonio Ponvert, of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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