Report Suggests Trucks Are Particularly Unsafe On Massachusetts Roadways.

Trucks transport billions of dollars of goods and products across our country, and have become one of the most dependable sources of transportation around.  They are essential to modern commerce. Trucks are, however, significantly larger, heavier, and more difficult to control than any other type of vehicle on the road; this design is to optimize their carrying capacity and is especially true for large, semi-trailer trucks.  Due to their increased size, cumbersomeness and lack of maneuverability, drivers of such trucks need to take extra care when traveling on public roads. And as one report discussed below suggests, drivers apparently need to be particularly careful while traveling in Massachusetts.

A recent investigation by CBS Boston’s I-Team has revealed some rather concerning statistics and patterns about truck drivers in the greater Boston area.  According to their article, found on, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reported that trucks in Massachusetts had a rate of serious mechanical violations 41 percent higher than the national average over the past five years. Adding to that, driver violations were 32 percent higher and hazardous material violations 212 percent higher.

The reported violations can be serious safety hazards and can include faulty brakes, no turn signals, spilling or falling cargo, and drivers with suspended licenses. Sergeant Chuck Devin leads a State Police unit that spends its days looking for unsafe trucks on Massachusetts roads; he told the I-Team “what goes through my mind is my family, that they’re out there on the road with these trucks.”

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