Boston Red Sox Face Potential Lawsuit Over Use of “B Strong” Logo.

A Texas charity is threatening to sue the Boston Red Sox organization over its use of the now-famous “B Strong” logo following the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.

The Red Sox cut their version of the “B Strong” logo into the outfield grass of Fenway Park, and also sold t-shirts, hats and other merchandise with depictions of the logo.  The Red Sox have given much of the proceeds of those sales to charities that are supporting victims of the Marathon bombings.

However, the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation, based in El Paso, Texas, claims that the Red Sox’s use of this logo violates its trademark of the phrase “B Strong.”  The charity was formed in honor of Braden Aboud, who died in a skiing accident, and supports youth health and educational development programs in the El Paso area.  The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation trademarked the term “B Strong” prior to the Boston Marathon bombings, and uses the phrase in a logo that differs considerably from the Red Sox’s logo.  However, the charity has valid ownership of the phrase and its use on a logo, and says that it has lost publicity and potential donations as a result of this alleged trademark infringement.

The Red Sox reportedly offered to settle with the charity by signing a joint-licensing agreement that recognized the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation as the owner of the “B Strong” logo, while allowing the Red Sox to continue using it.  The charity, however, has not accepted the offer due to compensation issues.  As a result, the charity may seek damages and an order from a court stopping the Red Sox from using the logo.

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