Pregnant Arizona Woman Runs Over Husband With Car in Argument Over Presidential Election.

Holly Solomon, a pregnant 28 year-old Arizona woman, is now facing aggravated assault and reckless driving charges after she ran over her husband, Daniel Solomon, with her car following a dispute over the recent Presidential election.

Daniel Solomon, 36, is currently listed in critical condition in an Arizona hospital after the car accident. This is after his wife, Holly, ran him over with her car. Holly Solomon was allegedly upset that President Barack Obama was re-elected and that her husband did not vote in the election.

According to witness reports and recently released 911 calls about the car accident, Holly Solomon took control of the couple’s Jeep and started chasing her husband with the motor vehicle, eventually running him over and pinning him beneath the vehicle.

Holly Solomon is due in court this week as her husband still recovers in the hospital from his auto crash personal injuries.

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