Parents Serve Banana Split In Tribute to Dying Son.

Erik and Diane Roberts were told that nothing more could be done to save their 21 month-old son, Ryan, who was born with both Down syndrome and a heart defect. Ryan had four surgeries in his first four days of life, and has had many setbacks that have made him a frequent patient at the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Many friends and relatives have been sending gifts, cards, balloons, toys and well wishes to Ryan. But the family has now asked them not to send anything more. Instead, the young parents are asking people to create great memories with their kids. More specifically, they are telling parents to give their children banana splits for dinner, something they will likely never forget.

A friend of the family created a Facebook page for “Ryan’s Banana Split Party,” to which more than 27,000 people RSVP’d. The parents initially became famous for creating a “bucket-list” for their terminally ill son. They gave him his first bicycle ride, a fake tattoo, a root beer with his dad, and even his first speeding ticket.

The parents reportedly only have a couple of months left with their son and ask other families to never take their children for granted.

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