Old Asbestos Dump Site Exposed On The Coast Of New Zealand After Storms.

In a year that has brought increasingly harsh weather, including a cyclone, an unpleasant discovery has been made on the West Coast of New Zealand. The inclement weather has caused an old asbestos dumpsite to be revealed in the town of Westport, located nearly 30 miles from Hector. A combination of the West Coast Regional Council and the Buller District Council are working together to alert nearby residents of the damages of exposure while trying to determine how to handle the situation.  It is believed that this dumpsite was in use between the 1970s and 80s, where a coal mine was dumping their waste.

Although the dumpsite has been covered for nearly 30 years, one lifelong resident of the area said the site was well known to many locals and was often used as the area’s official dumpsite. Since it first was covered, many residents have used it, primarily for dumping garden rubbish which recently was washed away because of the weather. Currently, both councils are working with an outside group in the hopes that they will develop a long-term plan for the site. In the short term, both councils have begun to put up barriers to help prevent further erosion and reduce exposure. They are hoping to receive funding from the national Contaminated Site Remediation Fund to help pay for protective precautions.

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