Oklahoma Jury Awards $3 Million To Car Accident Victims Of Sudden Acceleration Malfunctions In Toyota Vehicles.

A jury in an Oklahoma City District Court has awarded the victims of a 2007 motor vehicle crash $1.5 million each. The verdict came after the jury found that a malfunctioning accelerator in their Toyota Camry caused the fatal car accident

The malfunction caused the car to accelerate out of control near Eufaula, Oklahoma, and slam into an embankment.  One of the occupants of the vehicle, Jean Bookout, 82, was seriously injured in the auto crash, and another occupant, Barbara Schwarz, 70, was killed.

In addition to their award of personal injury damages and wrongful death damages to the victims and their families based on Toyota’s negligence, the jury also found that Toyota acted with reckless disregard of the public’s safety. This was the result of Toyota’s failing to correct the problem in their vehicles and concealing the potential danger posed by driving the vehicles from the public. These actions on the part of Toyota could result in additional punitive damages.

Toyota faces numerous more lawsuits, similar to this one, in which people were injured by the sudden acceleration of a Toyota vehicle.  In addition, Toyota agreed in 2012 to pay more than $1 billion to customers affected by a massive recall of its vehicles to fix dangerous sudden acceleration problems.

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