NYPD Officer Sues Superior Alleging Sexual Harassment.

NYPD Officer Ann Cardenas has filed a lawsuit against her boss, alleging that he subjected her to frequent sexual harassment in front of other officers. The 29 year-old officer says that 41 year-old Sergeant David Johns harassed her for more than a year, groping her, showing her naked photos, and referring to her with inappropriate sexual expletives.

According to her lawyer, this is the worst case of sexual harassment the lawyer has seen, calling it a “frat house culture” that somehow permeated the precinct. Both officers worked in the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick, New York. Not only would he sexually harass Officer Cardenas, according to the complaint, but he would do it in front of other officers as they stood idly by. He also would ask her to comment on his penis size, and would flash her in front of the other officers.

Sadly, this is not the first claim of officer-on-officer sexual harassment in the NYPD in recent years. According to a suit filed last year, a Queens cop committed suicide because his female commanding officer forced him to have sex with her to obtain a favorable work schedule. At least five others have been the subjects of lawsuits recently, making sexual harassment on the force a real concern.

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