Nine Children Suffer Dog Bite Injuries At Oklahoma City School.

Although very few people would seriously argue that our love for keeping dogs as pets has caused harm to our society, it is undeniable that there are risks associated with owning certain dogs. This is because dogs, although generally peaceful creatures, can have the propensity to bite their owners or other people under certain conditions. This is particularly true with dogs who have been adopted after suffering trauma. As such, it is important that owners at conscientious about training their dogs and recognizing when they might pose a threat. If owners do not do this, their dogs may lash out and bite someone, which can cause serious personal injury. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert dog bite attorney at 617-787-3700.

On a normal Monday afternoon at Fillmore Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a number of children were playing on the playground during recess. According to reports, a pit bull walking by the park suddenly went after the children, biting nine of them. The children were immediately taken to a hospital for further examination, although officials have since indicated that no one sustained a serious personal injury as a result of the dog bites.

Authorities responded immediately to secure the area and take the children to receive medical care, and the dog has since been taken into custody of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. Neither the names of the children nor the owner of the dog were mentioned in any reports filed subsequent to the attack.

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