New York Police Officer Possibly Electrocuted During Hurricane Sandy.

Artur Kasprzak, a 28 year-old off-duty police officer assigned to Manhattan’s 1st precinct, died in his South Beach, New York home last Monday during Hurricane Sandy as a result of a tragic electrocution accident. The storm is being largely blamed for Kasprzak’s electrocution death, because he is believed to have been electrocuted by downed live wires that electrified the significant amount of flood water in his home’s basement.

At approximately 7 pm on Monday, October 29, Kasprzak led his family to the attic of his home on Doty Avenue in South Beach, NY. This was after his basement had been flooded by Hurricane Sandy. After getting six adults and a 15 month-old boy into the attic, Kasprzak told his family that he would go “check the basement” and “be right back.”

After Kasprzak failed to return for over 20 minutes, his family made several frantic calls to emergency services. The New York Police Department (“NYPD”) dispatched Emergency Service and SCUBA units on Zodiac Boats and Jet Skis to Doty Avenue. The police could not immediately access the home, however, because of a dispatch report concerning downed live wires in the flood waters.

Con Edison, New York City’s electric utility, turned off the power to the area at the request of the NYPD. A search finally commenced at approximately 8 pm.

Officer Kasprzak’s body was located at about 7 am on Tuesday, and EMS personnel pronounced Kasprzak dead on the scene, with electrical injury listed as the likely cause of his wrongful death.

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