New York Man Suffers Wrongful Death After Being Shoved Onto Subway Tracks.

Ki Suk Han, 58, of Queens, New York, was killed on Monday, December 3. The wrongful death occurred when he was pushed onto subway tracks and fatally struck by an oncoming train. 

According to local police reports, Han got into an argument with a deranged man who was harassing people at the 49th Street Station of New York’s Q train.  The man then shoved Han onto the tracks as a train was approaching and fled from the scene.

Bystanders attempted to warn the train driver to stop, but the driver was unable to do so before fatally striking Han.

A picture of Han attempting to climb out of the tracks was captured by a freelance photographer who was at the scene and appeared on the front page of Tuesday’s New York Post.

The New York Police Department is currently searching for the man who shoved Han onto the tracks.

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