New Study From University of California-Davis Shows Decrease In DUI Arrests Since Ride-Sharing Apps.

The University of California-Davis conducted a study using data compiled by a research firm, Third Digital World. The results of that study showed dramatic decreases in DUI arrests across several of the larger cities throughout the state since the introduction of ride-sharing services. This study showed the largest decrease was in San Diego, where arrests have decreased by 32%. San Jose saw a decrease of 28%; Sacramento saw its arrests decrease by 26%; and in both Los Angles and the San Francisco-Oakland area, a decrease of 14%.

In the two years since San Jose has had these ride-sharing apps, there have been 2,400 fewer driving under the influence arrests compared to the same time period before the apps were available. However, even with the decrease in arrests being made for driving under the influence, the rate at which fatalities occur when a driver is under the influence has increased by over 15% for the same period, namely from 911 in the two years prior to 1,059 in the two years since.

The number one selected reason by participants in this study as to why they use a ride-sharing app was the lack of parking in highly populated urban areas which made driving impracticable. This was followed closely by those who use the app to avoid drunk driving. Even with the decrease in arrests being made police departments across the state, they have still been implementing DUI checkpoints, with nearly 1000 added in 2016.

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