Miami, Florida Woman Who Texted “Driving Drunk Woo” Before Deadly Crash Accepts Plea Deal.

Perhaps the last thing on anybody’s mind after a tragic car accident, in which your daughter was abruptly taken from you, would be to consider filing a lawsuit. However, a personal injury lawsuit is commonly the only way for a family to begin to recover financially from their loss. Experiencing the loss of your child, especially in an accident that could so easily have been avoided, would justifiably cause any parent great pain and sorrow, diminishing their ability to think clearly. Therefore, plaintiffs should rely on an experienced personal injury attorney as the person who can help guide them through the complicated litigation process.

Mila Dago was sentenced to four years in prison recently. She will then serve 10 years of probation, with mandatory community service, and her license has been revoked for the rest of her life. Dago was behind the wheel of her car when she blew through a red light around 5:00 a.m. and t-boned a truck. Dago and the other driver survived the crash. However, Dagos’ friend and passenger, Irina Reinoso, was killed, blood tests taken nearly two hours after the crash revealed that Dago’s BAC was .178, more than twice the legal limit. The two were students at Miami-Dade College and had been friends for years. Dago was going through a nasty break up at the time of the car accident. As the two were bar hopping, she sent off a series of angry texts to him including: “Driving drunk woo,” “I’ll be dead thanks to you,” and several more right before the accident.

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