Metalworker Who Lost Fingers Files Product Liability Suit.

Albert Mueller, of Levittown, Pennsylvania, has filed a lawsuit against Tennsmith Inc. claiming a device they manufactured, the Tennsmith metal shearer, caused him to lose three of his fingers in a metal work accident.

Mueller was working at Sherwood Steel Inc. in Pennsylvania as a metalworker when he was severely and irreversibly injured. As a part of his job in the metal fabrication department, he was required to use a Tennsmith metal shearer. While he was using the Tennsmith product, he lost his right index, right middle and right ring finger. All three fingers were completely amputated by the device.

According to the lawsuit, the amputations occurred on Mueller’s right hand—his dominant hand, making the injuries even more devastating and debilitating. To date, Mueller has needed surgery, physical therapy and other medical care to treat his injuries. In addition to physical pain, Mueller is claiming mental anguish and other pain and suffering. He is seeking more than $150,000 in damages plus attorney’s fees, interest, costs and delay damages.

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