Medical Manufacturer Ordered to Pay $11 Million For Faulty Hip Implants.

When buying goods, people operate under the assumption that what they’re buying will be of a certain minimum quality and dependability.  But what happens when a product, or an entire series of products, are defective or otherwise improperly made?  The unassuming purchaser may be seriously injured or killed because of such a defect.  This is especially true when the device is of a medical or surgical nature.  While medical science has advanced enough to allow us to replace some defective body parts with prosthetics, the prosthetic being used must be of the highest quality and caliber to avoid future complications for the patient.   If a prosthetic is improperly made, it can result in serious discomfort or injuries for the patient, and the manufacturer of the prosthetic may be held liable and financially responsible for that patient’s personal injury damages.

This is the situation Wright Medical Technology Inc. found itself in after manufacturing a defective hip implant.  In 2006, Robyn Christiansen underwent surgery to receive the Wright Conserve Hip Implant System.  She was told by Wright that the implant’s metal-on-metal design was better than other models that used a polyethylene based lining.  Persuaded by this, Christiansen underwent the surgery required to have the implant.  But in 2012, she began feeling a severe pain in her right hip whenever she exercised.   Christiansen underwent another surgery to have her doctor inspect the implant to see if a part had come undone, but her doctor found that the surrounding soft tissue in her hip had been damaged by metal debris that was causing the hip to fail.  Christiansen filed a lawsuit against Wright, alleging that they knew this was a risk associated with the design of the implant, but avoided telling her and actually praised the implant for its comfort and safety.  According to, a California jury sided with Christiansen and ordered Wright to pay her $1 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

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