Medical Malpractice Settlement Could Reach $40 Million For 256 Plaintiffs.

256 plaintiffs have joined together to sue a doctor for medical malpractice. Dr. Spyros Panos had been working as an orthopedist at the Mid Hudson Medical Group until he began serving a federal prison sentence in March 2017. His prison time was for healthcare fraud, and he was then still the target of hundreds of civil medical malpractice lawsuits. The two sides eventually reached an agreement which will allow for a maximum payout to all of the plaintiffs totaling $40 million. Attorney Christopher Blake Meagher of the Meagher & Meagher, P.C.  law firm in White Plains, New York represented many of the plaintifffs.

Back in November, 2013, Dr. Panos pleaded guilty to one count of felony health care fraud and admitted to being the primary individual involved in a multi-million dollar scheme responsible for defrauding health insurance providers. The medical malpractice lawsuits are separate from the disgraced doctor’s fraud scheme. Among other civil claims, Dr. Panos has been accused of botched surgeries or doing unnecessary surgeries. However, as part of the settlement, Dr. Panos will not admit any wrongdoing. Each victim receiving a payout will be part of a point system to determine how much they will be receiving. Points are worth $2,500 each, and while they are a large factor in determining individual settlement amounts, they are but one criterion used to determine each plaintiff’s payout.

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