Massachusetts Woman Settles Flesh Eating Bacteria Medical Malpractice Lawsuit For $9.5 Million.

Monica Sprague Jorge endured one of the most horrific cases of necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as flesh eating bacteria, after her doctors performed a Caesarean section while Jorge was giving birth in 2007. Jorge has now settled her medical malpractice claims against the doctors for $9.5 million.

In August 2007, Jorge arrived at the Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts to give birth. Jorge’s doctors decided to perform a Caesarian section to deliver Jorge’s child. During the surgery, Jorge contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a frightening infection that kills flesh and organs at a rapid pace. As a result of the infection, Jorge lost all of her limbs and several internal organs. Jorge’s hands had to be amputated to the elbows.

Jorge sued four doctors and five nurses for negligence and medical malpractice in causing Jorge’s horrific personal injuries. Jorge argued that the medical professionals in charge of her care failed to monitor her situation and failed to provide adequate care. The doctors and nurses defended their performance by stating that they were not negligent in caring for Jorge.

On Thursday, September 5, Jorge agreed to a settlement of all her claims against all defendants in exchange for $9.5 million. The settlement was entered in Lowell Superior Court in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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